Size Estimation Tool
FE Leather Jackets Size Estimation Tool

Please note that we offer FREE size customizations to our customers to ensure a perfect fitting Leather Jacket. If you would like to get either an estimate on your size or request for a FREE size customization, use the below tool.

Please enter your measurements below ( change to centimeters ):
inches (fullest part of your breast around the nipples area right under the armpit)  
Bra size:
Waist*: inches (fullest part of your stomach around the belly button & not necessarily your pant size)  
Sleeve Lenght:   inches (measured from the end of the shoulder blade to an inch before your knuckles)
Shoulders:   inches (measured from one end of the shoulder to the other end, along the top border of the shoulder)
Height*:   inches (measured from base to top of a standing person from head to foot)  
Desired Jacket Length:   inches (measured on your existing jacket while laying it flat on the ground facing backwards, from top of the jacket below collar to bottom of the jacket in a vertical line)